Sprint Energy Services is a leading provider of fluid handling and environmental waste solutions management, delivering rental equipment and services to oil and gas operators, such as:

  • Landfill Disposal
  • Truck and Tank Washouts
  • Fluid and Solids Storage and Removal
  • Waste Disposal and Treatment
  • Spill Containment and Site Remediation
  • HSE Compliance
  • Safety Monitoring and Management
  • Rig, Tank and Equipment Cleaning Services
  • Storage Tank Rentals
  • Facility Support

Maximize Your Operational Profitability

about sprint waste management servicesSprint helps its customers maximize profitability and manage costs, reduce risk and enhance safety, adhere to industry regulations, increase production efficiencies and asset life, reduce downtime and take control of waste management challenges. We help our customers:

  • Maximize Profitability, Reduce Costs and Save Money
  • Reduce Risk and Improve Safety (HSE), Ensure Regulatory Compliance, Reduce Lifetime Waste Stream Exposure
  • Increase Efficiencies Production/Performance, Reduce Non Productive Time, Increase Uptime
  • Manage Waste Streams – Allows Customers to Focus on Core Operations

Download our Capabilities Brochure (PDF)

With our company’s well-established history serving the needs of our customers throughout the major shale play in Texas, Sprint Energy Services works in all of the major areas in the region. Sprint is committed to its portfolio of environmental services for oil & gas exploration and production companies, midstream pipelines as well as a growing number of other oilfield service companies. Sprint meets and exceeds each customer’s exacting and rigorous operating standards – and we are proud to deliver high-quality technical resources to help operators conduct their business as efficiently and safely as possible.

Sprint Energy Services Leadership

  • Robby Nelson
    President and CEO

  • Philip Bowman

  • Brad Dugas
    Vice President Disposal Facilities

  • Mike Mazur
    Vice President Operations

  • Brian Whyte
    Vice President Sales and Marketing

To learn more about how Sprint Energy Services can help you gain efficiencies, enhance safety, maximize resources and improve profitability, please contact us today.


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